Why go small?

For many people, moving into a big home with many rooms and a big yard is a life goal. As families grow larger and hobbies accumulate, we collect stuff to make our lives more convenient or more fun. Suddenly your just right space feels too small.

In some cities small spaces are the norm. Condos stand tall and families get used to making the most of tight quarters. You quickly learn the art of hiding knick-knacks when guests come to visit, or the art of minimalist living.

Our family will be moving from a small place by traditional standards into a unique space. We are leaving the condo life and moving into a townhouse. While the condo was on the small side, the townhouse presents unique interior design challenges with narrow hallways.

Recently, there has been a growing interest in going small. Why go small?

There are many benefits of living in smaller spaces such as:

  1. Less clutter in your space. This has the dual effect of keeping of your home clutter free, and your mind clutter free. It is refreshing to walk into a space that it not covered from top to bottom.
  2. Less mess. Less clean-up. It is earlier to keep your space clean when there are less surfaces to use. This can clear up some free time for you!
  3. Reduced maintenance fees. Within a smaller space, your insurance and taxes costs should decrease. In most areas, smaller homes mean smaller mortgages, making smaller homes more financially feasible.
  4. Environmentally friendly option. Smaller homes tend to have less of an environmental footprint. Heating and cooling expenses will be less costly as the space is smaller.

A small home can offer simplified, environmentally-conscious compact living. Your small but cozy space can be warm and inviting and functional.

Is small right for you? Review your goals and desires for your living space and see if a small home can meet those needs.


2 thoughts on “Why go small?

  1. I completely agree. Less is more. With no clutter you can appreciate the space for what it is. Why have a big house if you will just fill it up with stuff. I rather live in a compact house and not carry the weight on my shoulders of having to do a garage sale every summer with the kids just to make room for more stuff.

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  2. awesome… our house just went under contract and we have placed on offer an a house way smaller than what we are currently in and all because of minimalism and many of those factors pointed out in your post!


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