Picking your Christmas tree


The holiday season is well under way for many families. Ours has been delayed this year since travelled mid November through early December. Now that we are back, we are ready to jump in full throttle!

For our family, the Christmas season represents time with family, celebrating our spiritual beliefs and enjoying the mainstream Christmas celebrations.

From carols, to movies, to festive food, we are big fans of it all. Our family doesn’t go big on the gifts, instead we enjoy the other elements the season brings.

One of the holiday joys for us is picking a tree. For the past two years, we have loved having a live tree in our home. It has been so much fun to go out and pick our special tree amoungst the rows greenery.  We love to bring our tree home to water, nourish then decorate. Live trees can be really magical.


Some of the best things about a real tree include:

  • Less environmental impact. Real trees are recyclable (artificial trees end up in landfills when thrown out) and renewable when tree planters replace cut trees with seedlings.
  • Christmas scent. Real trees provide a wonderful smell in your home throughout the holiday season.

This year, we will be using an artificial tree in our home. Our condo does not allow residents to bring in real trees because they believe they increase fire risks. Although we will miss that Christmas smell the real tree brought to our home, there are some benefits to having an artificial tree such as:


  • Cost: The artificial tree is a one-time purchase that you will reap the benefits from for many years.
  • No watering. No messy clean up. You can purchase a Christmas tree bag to store your tree easily until next year.


Whether you choose a real tree or artificial tree, make sure to pick the right tree to fit your space.Here are a few tips to remember:


Christmas trees generally come in three standard sizes full, narrow and slim. This will allow you to determine if you want your tree to be centerpiece in the room of your choice. It’s also accommodating for narrow spaces.

Remember to leave space for the furniture that will be around your tree when selecting the width of your tree.

Leave enough room to place your tree topper once your tree is up. You should aim to leave 4-6’’ from the top of your tree to your ceiling if possible.

Some artificial trees come with great storage bags that you can use to reduce the size of the tree before storage. If you cannot find out to fit your tree, make sure you keep the box it came with when you purchased the tree and store it there.

Happy tree hunting!


One thought on “Picking your Christmas tree

  1. These are great points!
    I too live in a condo and have come to enjoy an artifical tree. At the end of the season all I have to do is pack it up and bag it. Real trees althought I love the pine smell (there’s a candle for that) I don’t have to deal with dead pine needles and sticky sap. Oh did I mention I hate the sap!

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