Fitness reboot

 I’ve never enjoyed working out. It always seems like another task to try to fit into my busy day. Year after year, my new year resolutions have always included “workout 3 times a week’’ only to find myself doing a lot of sitting through the winter months. My saving grace has been my healthy eating habits. Healthy eating and I believe genetics have kept me from gaining weight despite lack of exercise and a love of sweets.

As I age, I know that regular exercise as a part of my life will have many benefits.I want to be able to increase my energy and maintain a healthy weight. I also have a new motivation. I want to encourage my son to stay fit and active as well. I want to lead by example.

Surprisingly for me, I was very committed to some form of exercise during my pregnancy. Once the morning sickness subsided, I became committed to incorporating exercise in my routine. I enjoyed long walks with my husband after work. We both enjoyed the time together to chat about the pregnancy and the baby while getting some exercise. I participated in weekly prenatal yoga classes. I learned birthing and breathing techniques to aid me on the big day while stretching and strengthening my muscles safely. I even did a prenatal cardio class until my 30th week of pregnancy where I broke into a sweat and felt great.

In my postnatal phase, I did a lot of walking once I was cleared by my midwife. Since then, in the six months post delivery and I haven’t seen the inside of a gym or fitness class once.

I thought I would be able to easily transition into working out as I had during my pregnancy. That has not been the case. At first, I was too tired from the constant night feeding, then too tired, well, just because being a parent is tiring! I did a mom and baby stroller cardio fitness for four few weeks while the weather was accommodating for babies. Since then… nothing. Now I can fully admit that I lost the motivation. I lost the pregnancy weight I gained, lest a lovely small addition to my stomach area. I kept hoping that through the healthy eating and breastfeeding it would magically disappear on its own, but it still with me. Truth be told, I want it gone.

As the year draws to an end, I know the winter months will make it even harder to regain the desire to workout. I want to make a change and I want to do it now. This has led to me try to plan ahead and look for ideas to end the year on a good fitness feeling to roll into 2017.

Here are some of the ways we can all incorporate exercise in our day:

  1. Be flexible. There will be good days when you can get in a great workout and days where baby just doesn’t allow it. Make a weekly goal instead of a daily goal to allow for changes.
  2. Ensure your partner is on board. Baby will always need someone to care for him and having a partner on board means you will have help and that he or she understands your fitness goal.
  3. Do it when you don’t feel like it. Its always better than you think it is once you get started.
  4. Start thinking positively about exercise. Acknowledge negative thoughts about fitness and working out and being to replace them with positive thoughts.

I will work hard on number 4, to no longer see fitness as a burden but as an essential part of my health, and the health of my family members.

Here are some fitness affirmations to start with:

  • I enjoy workout out. I love the energy it give me.
  • I am focused and committed to fitness.
  • Each workout brings me closer to my goals.


Stay turned for updates on what exercises to do on your own or with your family.


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